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Dear Parents, 


Thank you for taking time to peruse our Lakeland Christian Academy website. We sincerely appreciate your interest in our school community, and trust that this information will provide you with a glimpse of LCA’s mission and programs.


We are looking forward to working with you and your child this year in a Collaborative Educational Setting.

The success of your child depends on a team effort. This team consists of your student, the student’s teachers, and you, the parent/guardian. The goal of the team is to assist the student in achieving their goals and learning objectives through targeted and strategic instruction.


Getting involved with your teen’s education is one way to boost their learning. When schools and parents work together, students are more motivated and engaged in their school experience. Reviewing study tip sheets, volunteering and participating in school activities are all ways to show your teen that you value his or her education.

Parental Involvement

Parent orientation, conferences, and meetings promote a good understanding between parents/guardians and the faculty/administration of this school. It is imperative that every parent participates in these informative and helpful times. The first such meeting will be held at the opening of the school year.


Parents and students are required to attend quarterly Awards Ceremonies as well as the Annual Awards Banquet. Parent conferences with the supervisor are scheduled following the first, second, and third quarters.


Parent monitors are essential for the smooth operation of the school and are a blessing to the students. The administration of LCA recognizes that God has given the responsibility to train children to the parents; therefore all parents are required to be an active part of LCA by volunteering four hours a month. So that talents may be used most effectively, parents are encouraged to choose from a list of volunteer jobs that require attention. This list is revised and sent to parents several times throughout the year. For parents who have time during school hours, please call the principal if you wish to volunteer as a monitor. This will enable the staff to be more effective in assisting the students.


As each family is required to volunteer in the school, parents who do not fulfil their requirement of four hours of volunteer time per month will be charged $35.00 for each infraction. Parents must sign in for these hours or charges will still be applied. This is not designed to be a penalty; it merely reflects the need for additional help in the school. Volunteer hours are not cumulative, in that you cannot carry hours from month to month without express permission from the administration. The Volunteer hour month runs from the 21st to the 20th (eg. Aug 21st – Sep 20th). This is to allow the administration enough time to produce billing by the 25th.


Lynda Amemann 



1402 10th Street

Cold Lake, Alberta T9M 1J6   

​Tel: 780-639-2077 

​Fax: 780-639-4151

Fund-raising is a vital part of our program as all field trips and incentives are paid for by this activity.  Fund-raising also allows us to get out into the community.  Parental involvement in fund-raising is necessary for the success of these activities.  Therefore, the administration of Lakeland Christian Academy expects that all parents assist in fund-raising throughout the year. Each family is required to raise a minimum of $250.00 for each school year.  If the minimum is not met by March 31st of each school year, the family will be billed for the balance.
Click on the button below to download the fundraising form. 
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