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8:30 AM to 3:50 PM


School Hours 

Physical Education


Lakeland Christian Academy’s Physical Education program instills, in students, a will to strive for excellence with Christian discipline and character. This contributes to the development of life skills for the personal management of health and for the use of physical activity as a strategy for managing life challenges. We provide a setting where students practice the ability to work with others and practice how to accept victory or defeat with grace and humility. Our program provides opportunity for all students to realize the many benefits of participation in physical activity.

Music Program


The music program at Lakeland Christian Academy follows the Alberta Program of Studies with an emphasis on music as a gift from God and a means of expressing our praise back to Him. This program starts at kindergarten and continues through grade 6. Students are taught through singing, movement, listening, and rhythm. They learn theory and singing in melody and harmony. Students are introduced to a variety of instruments to learn how to play the notes with proper technique and how to read music.

Dress Code

We want to promote excellence in everything we do and with that excellence develop a community spirit and pride of belonging to something great. The attractive appearance of well-dressed students and the change of attitude that comes with ‘dressing for success’ are all part of the tone and character we want to promote at Lakeland Christian Academy.
The students will be expected to dress in accordance with this goal. We are not interested in dictating what a student should look like, but we are keenly interested in what his or her inner desire should focus on, which will in turn shape the outward appearance. Although students will be given flexibility and personal choice, these must be exercised within standards that reflect modesty, neatness, and cleanliness.

  • Clothes with writing or picture scenes shall not be worn

  • "Easy fitting" clothes; not tight fitting

  • Only the top button may be undone on shirts

  • Boy's hair shall be conservative style not longer than the top of the collar and above the ears. Girl's hair should be kept in a feminine style. Both boys' and girls' hair shall be clean and neatly combed and kept out of eyes.

  • Girls should wear only minimal and becoming amounts of make-up and jewelry (level 7 & up only)

  • Girls are allowed to wear earrings. No other piercings will be permitted.

  • Hats and caps are to be worn outside the building only.

Drama Program


Our Drama program is structured to provide students with an artistic outlet that builds confidence and facilitates collaboration and cooperation while building valuable communication skills necessary for employment and life. Students are taught to be quick on their feet and nimble in the mind while recognizing the importance of polish and rehearsal for any effective presentation. But overall it is the fun and energy of drama which keeps the students engaged and learning. Each quarter the class delivers a variety of platform performances. These performances bring together the entire Lakeland Christian Academy community in a unique and entertaining way, and offer students a chance to develop new skills and hone acting talent.

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