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Admissions Package

Those parents who are looking for a school that teaches from a Christian Biblical worldview with the purpose of training ethical leaders with godly character will find that Lakeland Christian Academy (LCA) offers this alternative. LCA admits students of any race, colour, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity, provided that each student, as well as their parents/guardians, is in agreement with the vision and mission of LCA. Also, both the parents/guardians and the student must be willing to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the administration of LCA, agree with the LCA Parent and Student Codes and sign pledges to that effect.


Attendance at LCA is a privilege, not a right. Parents, who are interested in their child attending LCA, will be contacted for an interview as space is available. After the admissions application and application fees are received, the administration will determine the eligibility of the applicant. Students enrolling will be tested to determine academic placement. Each student will begin his studies at the current learning level for each individual subject.


Admissions Procedure

  • Both parents and students will visit the school.

  • The parents and student will be contacted for an interview with the principal or designate.

  • Both parents will read the handbook thoroughly.

  • Submit Application, Parent Agreement, and Student Pledge (students age 12 and older)

  • Parents will be notified of acceptance.

  • Upon acceptance, parents will:

    • Make arrangements for ‘student diagnosis’ as discussed at the interview.

    • Submit the first months tuition and fidelity deposit.

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